What we are fighting

We are trying to achieve full equality for LGBT human rights. This does not mean that LGBT people have been slow for the "special rights", which means that a large number of human rights available to heterosexual people are not available to us.

Ukraine has a population of about one million LGBT people and each of them every day can feel the discrimination or physical violence only because it relates to the LGBT community. Up until now, the LGBT community is not available a number of basic human rights that are available to heterosexual citizens, are just some of them:

  • There is no possibility to register a partnership with your loved one

  • You can not inherit from their partner or leave him a legacy

  • There is no right not to testify against his partner in court

  • No right to take the vital decision for a partner in the hospital and to dispose of his body in case of death.

  • There is no right to act as a trustee on behalf of the partner in his / her capacity is not for health reasons

The law prohibits homosexual citizens:

  • Worked in the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine

Time for change has come!

Every day we work to overcome injustice and LGBT people have equal rights as all other citizens Uraine.

Created equal, born different!