March of Equality

March of equality – a peaceful demonstration in support of the idea of the need to respect human rights, regardless sexual orientation, gender identity or any other characteristic.

2012 - the first March of Equality was to be held and its participants were to walk the Kiev from the subway station "Dnipro" to the Postal Square. March organizers canceled the procession for security reasons. Despite organizers of the event trying to keep the place of the the event secret, opponents to the procession began to gather along the route of the column, most of them were activists of right-wing parties and religious organizations.

2013 - the first Equality March in Ukraine. About 50 people walked Victory Avenue from "Shulyavska" subway station to the Alexander Dovzhenko Film Studios building.

2014 - Equality March was again yet again, the police failed to ensure the safety of activists.

2015 - Equality March took place on June 6 on the waterfront Obolonska. About 250 people took part in the procession, which was guarded by several hundreds of police officers. The march was accompanied by provocations by nationalist organization representatives, who threw smoke bombs and firecrackers into marchers, sprayed tear gas, wounding 9 police officers. In addition, the attackers injured at least 10 marchers.

An important part of conducting this march were the words said by the President of Ukraine:

"I will not participate in it, but I don't see any reason to impede this march because it's a constitutional right of every citizen of Ukraine. I treat the march as a Euoropean President and a Christian."

Moreover, in March of Equality participated first MPs - Serhiy Leshchenko and Svetlana Zalishchuk. Many can not understand the difference between March of Equality and a gay pride parade, but the difference is huge. Equality March - a march of pride when you're proud of who you are and declare to have the same rights as everyone else. Parades are held when human rights problems are already solved and it's time to have fun and celebrate.