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Empowering Ukrainian LGBT+ veterans/soldiers
Project will contribute to better acceptance of LGBT+ community in Ukraine and greater visibility of LGBT+ in Ukrainian Armed forces, as well as will increase acceptance of the other discriminated groups (people of different nationalities, religions, skin color, etc.) in the army.

Long-term results:

1. Our research will show needs and obstacles of LGBT+ veterans/soldiers in Ukraine and we will prepare recommendations for the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Social Policy, etc. As long-term results, it will become part of the national strategy of Ukraine regarding soldiers and veterans.

2. We will encourage LGBT+ soldiers/veterans to consider their own initiatives/ non-profit organization and provide relevant support (skills, knowledge). After the project they will be able to further use their skills to protect their own rights and human rights.

3. Ukrainian society will become more accepting and will understand that LGBT+ people are present in different fields of life and are equal members of the society.
Increasing electoral and political participation of LGBT+ community
Objective 1: To increase political participation and improve access to election processes for LGBT+ community as citizens, who can participate in decision-making at the state level, elections and political reality, and can influence the fate of the country.

Objective 2: To strengthen dialogue with politicians and political parties to discuss their stand on LGBT+ rights, their work with LGBT+ community, risks that they see in being more outspoken on the issue, and how those risks could be mitigated.

Objective 3: To contribute to making LGBT+ community more active and visible in the political discourse and electoral processes through the comprehensive measures

Safe and Inclusive Schools for All: together we can learn better
The project implement under programme "Democratic and Inclusive School Culture in Operation (DISCO)". Project is aimed to prepare trained specialists and relevant tools/source to create inclusive school environment in Ukraine, in accordance with Charter on citizenship and human rights education articles:
  • non-governmental organizations and youth organisations have a valuable contribution to make to education for democratic citizenship and human rights education;
  • effective learning in this area involves a wide range of stakeholders including policy makers, educational professionals, learners, parents, educational institutions, , non-governmental organizations etc.;
  • an essential element of all education for democratic citizenship and human rights education is the promotion of social cohesion and intercultural dialogue and the valuing of diversity and equality, including gender equality etc.), the present Call for proposals and also recent amendments to legislation of Ukraine.

Also, due to co-organizing 3th International Conference of parents of LGBT children in Ukraine (Kyiv, September 2019), we will coordinate strengthening communication links between Ukrainian NGOs serving children and youth, and contribute to improvement of their theoretical and practical skills how to work with LGBT+ and other vulnerable children and youth to address violence, bullying and suicide.

We will use outcomes of the previous cycles of the programme, in particular «Addressing violence in schools through education for democratic citizenship and human rights education" and will disseminate the booklet among Ukrainian schools.

More information about programme.
Fostering the SDGs implementation in Ukraine with particular focus on SOGIESC
The project implement under Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights. Fix lack of coordination and cooperation in general and in relation to advocacy. There are about 50 LGBTI NGOs officially registered in Ukraine, but only about 5 of them actually working on the national and/or regional and local levels. The level of cooperation and coordination among these organizations is very low. LGBTI organizations experience lack of communication and cooperation with authorities, UN agencies, other stakeholders but this cooperation could have a big potential both at the national and international levels.

By 2018, there were no successful attempts of engagement to international advocacy mechanisms by Ukrainian LGBTQI community.
Access to the resources and training. Smaller regional LGBTQI organizations, initiatives and groups are disadvantages in access to resources. Often they lack capacity or skills or have very little experience.

As one of the leading organizations, NGO Fulcrum UA is working to address these issues. This project is a great opportunity to mobilize LGBTQI activists, stakeholders and state agencies, actualize topics related to the Agenda2030, identify ways how Ukraine can more efficiently proceed with implementing the SDGs, lobby SOGIESC inclusion in Ukrainian agenda through one of the most effective international advocacy mechanisms.
From Needs to Actions
The project implement under Childhood World Foundation support. During the project we strive to solve the problem of silence by raising the level of trust between children/teenagers and adults who are ready to listen and hear. Also, we strive to increase capacity of government-funded institutions (Kyiv Youth Center, schools) whose responsibility is responding to such cases, serve children and teenagers and respond to their needs.

  • To improve cooperation with Kyiv center of social services for family (hereinafter - the Center), children and youth to address the issues of bullying at schools, violence, including the work with teenagers from vulnerable groups (such as LGBTI people, adopted youth, youth from orphanages);
  • To improve access to sexual education for children and teenagers and improve protection against violence through comprehensive measures;
  • To strengthen partnerships between partners and stakeholders (NGOs serving children and youth, orphanages, LGBTI and HIV service organizations targeting youth) to increase visibility;

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