Internet Freedom Is an LGBT+ Issue
Since 2018, the Fulcrum UA has been fighting to make sure when you go online your rights come with you.
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For the LGBT+ community, these rights are especially important
Right to Free Speech
We are free to talk about queer issues online without fear of government intervention. In places like Russia, however, the government just passed a law banning "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors," a law used by the Russian government to limit speech by the LGBT+ community and silence the gay rights community. Fulcrum fights for freedom of speech in the Ukraine, protecting users from government laws or actions that unlawfully inhibit free expression in our digital communications.
Right to Privacy
Many in the LGBT+ community grapple with the right to privacy. Whether you're exploring your sexual identity online, seeking support from LGBT+ peers when there are none available in your community, or keeping your sexual orientation secret from your family, co-workers, or classmates out of fear of bullying or reprisals, protecting your privacy online may be an important part of protecting your physical safety.
Right to Freedom from Government Surveillance
We are demand the government reject plans underway to allow the Security Service [SBU] to use special means of surveillance of Internet providers. They warn of the scope for excessive snooping and interference by law enforcement and regulatory bodies similar to the repressive measures used in the Russian Federation.
Right to Free Information
Our government will plan to adopt the draft law creates grounds for unlimited discretion on banning information resources. We all have the right to information about sexual orientation and gender identity. This is essential to the exercise of all human rights for all people.
Right to protection
LGBT+ people and others speaking out to defend equality are attacked just for expressing their identities and views, for talking about sexual orientation or gender identity, or proudly marching in the streets to defend their rights.

Ukraine goverment must make sure that human rights abuses that seek to silence LGBT+ people are investigated speedily, effectively and independently in compliance with international legal standards. Perpetrators and instigators must be brought to justice, and redress provided to survivors.
Speak Up and Speak Out: Protecting Freedom of Expression for LGBT People
Our Report
Freedom of expression online for LGBT, HIV and gender activist in Ukraine
In general, 71% of the respondents were victims of cyberbullying (from isolated cases (49%) to persistent persecution (4%)
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