NGO Fulcrum UA has been active since 2009.

Mission: We work to ensure that everyone in Ukraine has all the opportunities and advantages that exist in open and tolerant societies where diversity is perceived as a value. We strive to be a bridge between: LGBT and non-LGBT communities; LGBT and employers; Public services and LGBT. We work closely with partner organizations, media, educational institutions, public health institutions. 2018-2021 Strategic directions of work: Equality, Health, Allies, Sustainability.
Our strategic directions and projects:
Anti-discrimination, in particular in the areas of labor, education and health services.
Preventing HIV, hepatitis B and C and other infections among LGBT and MSM, expanding access to friendly medical services and psychological support.

In 2014, we created FriendlyDoctor - web platform where every gay, bi men can make appintoment to get free HIV/STI-testing, psyhologist support and doctor consultations.
Involvement of the non-LGBT people in defending human rights. We also works with business society and politicians.

In 2014, we created project Corporate Equality Index - ranking of companies, which support diversity at workplace. More then 75 companies work with us. We conducted education events for more than 750 HR managers.

In March of 2022 we started web platform Allies in action, where everybody can get information how to support LGBT+ in easy way.
Providing for LGBTQ youth social and psychological services. Increase capacity of teachers to prevent bulling and violence.

In 2015, we created parents movements Tergo. Now it is an independent organisation with which we still cooperate.

In 2018, we launched mobile application Free2ask, where LGBT+ youth can get anonymous consultations of a doctor, psychologist.
5. Sustainable:
Development of the institution of organisational capacity and LGBT+ community in Ukraine.

In 2019, Fulcrum started support movement of LGBT+ veterans. We hope sometime, they will be strong enough to be an independent organisation.
Last news
Political views, participation and obstacles for LGBT+ community and allies
Analitical report
Spotlight report on Sustainable Development Goals Ukraine - 2019
Despite the fact that the main slogan of the SDGs is Leaving no one behind, the national targets, indicators, as well as measures for their implementation, are not LGBTQI-inclusive. The report is mainly based on the analysis of Ukrainian legislation in the context of SOGIESC (sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, sexual characteristics), as well as the answers of Ukrainian ministries to information requests regarding measures to implement Sustainable Development Goals, with a special focus on SOGIESC component.
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Meet our team
We work every day to promote diversity and human rights in Ukraine
Tymur Levchuk
Co-Founder, Executive director and ideas creator
Yana Tovpeko
Advocacy manager, based in Gothenburg and knowledge goddess
Anton Levdik
Project coordinator, attentive to the details and responsible
Anna Stoyan
Finance manager, mother and verifiability person
Viktor Pylypenko
Project assistant, ATO veteran and practical idealist
Tanya Kasian
Communication and creative manager, UN Women expert and messages creator
Maryna Didenko
Psychologist, trainer and conflict fixer
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