Discussion on LGBT and anti-gender movements in the political sphere
NGO Fulcrum UA in cooperation with NGO KyivPride and NGO Insight organized a discussion on LGBT and anti-gender movements in the political context.
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During the discussion anti-gender movements and LGBT people in Ukraine were discussed, as well as how to form the most effective response to them and how to involve political parties and leaders in supporting LGBT and gender equality.

In particular, during the event Tymur Levchuk presented a research "Political views, participation and obstacles for LGBT+ community and allies". According to the study, LGBT people and their allies support Ukraine's European integration and joining NATO. Tymur suggested that LGBT community should strengthen cooperation with Ukrainian political parties which have similar goals in their party programs and also inform them that LGBT people and their allies are parties' potential voters and their their support.

Olena Shevchenko, head of NGO "Insight", said that anti-LGBT and anti-gender movements have external funding and political influence, that is why LGBT and LGBT allies have to cooperate with political parties to counter destructive movements.

The event was also attended by Milosz Hodun, representative of the liberal party Nowoczesna, who spoke about the Polish experience in countering anti-gender movements as well as the EU tools that could be useful for activists in Ukraine. He shared how LGBT community in Poland has established cooperation with political parties and how LGBT people themselves have become engaged in political movements - becoming nominees within local and national movements.

A representative of the Green Party of Ukraine Tetyana Bodun shared with the participants that the party supports LGBT people and is open for LGBT people and allies, who also share the values of environmental protection, to join.

During the discussion, participants agreed on several steps that LGBT community should take in the future:

- NGO KyivPride agreed to include a political discussion with the involvement of Ukrainian politicians and members of parliament in the Pride Week in order to build partnerships and trusting relations;

- NGO Fulcrum UA will continue working with politicians and conducting educational activities for them;

- All participants agreed on the necessity to mobilize community leaders in order to facilitate their participation in local elections;

- LGBT people should take part in activities of political parties and raise LGBT-related issues on the party congresses

- We as a community should launch educational events for LGBT and allies on the skills needed to stand for election or be an assistant to a member of the parliament - NDI has already launched a relevant training course, and NGO Fulcrum UA under the support of Norway is expecting to launch courses and internships for LGBT and allies.

This initiative is conducted by NGO FULCRUM UA with the support of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), Global Affairs Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of IFES, government of Canada.


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