Fulcrum supported 10th National LGBT Conference in Kyiv

Members of the Fulcrum charity organization took part at the “10th National LGBT Conference”, which took place in the congress-hotel “Pushcha” from October 20 to 22, 2017.

Within the framework of the side meeting “Achievements of HIV service organizations by the work with MSM” during the conducting of the X National Conference of LGBT movement and MSM service (19-22.10.2017), the CEO of the Fulcrum Tymur, has made a presentation entitled “Compliance of the HIV service with the needs of the community”. The survey was conducted in conjunction with Deloitte. He also participated in a discussion "Discrimination price" with UNDP Ukraine about economic losses from LGBT discrimination in the workplace. During the discussion, he presented our project Ukrainian Corporate Equity Index.

Together with the KyivPride non-goverment organization, we have been discussing the role of the community in overcoming discrimination at the workplace.

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