Meet our team
We work every day to promote diversity and human rights in Ukraine
Tymur Levchuk
Co-Founder & CEO
Yana Tovpeko
Communication manager
Anton Levdik
Project coordinator
Anna Stoyan
Finance manager
We on international events
Really happy to meet with you
1-5 April
1-5 April
Present a report on Internet Freedom Festival
Tymur Levchuk, Executive director,
6-9 June
6-9 June
Present our experience of work with political leaders on Baltic Pride in Vilnius
Tymur Levchuk, Executive director,
9-18 July
9-18 July
Present report on High-level political forum on sustainable development goals - NY, USA
Yana Tovpeko, project coordinator -
Tymur Levchuk, CEO -

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